Dig Safely New York
Stakeout Search Requests

Dig Safely New York keeps records of all location requests (Stakeouts) made for the past 4 years. At present, searches are allowed back to the year . A Search Request is required if you are looking for any stakeout that is more than 10 business days old, starting from the day the request was made.

If you are not the Person, Company, or Organization that called in the original stakeout, a Search Request is required regardless of how old the ticket is.

Please note that for legal purposes, Dig Safely New York will not consider the result of a search (or lack thereof) as authoritative unless you have provided an exact ticket number to look for. Dig Safely New York must always treat any type of search result (or lack thereof) from a generic criteria as being speculative.

If you are not a Member Utility (or a representative of a Member Utility) there is a $25.00 charge for each search, payable by CHECK ONLY to Dig Safely New York.

If you are looking for a ticket that YOU called in less than 10 business days ago, please call 800-962-7962 and request an “excavator copy” from the operator.

Proceed to the Search Request form.